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Tricopigmentation is scalp micropigmentation with one single difference.  It is considered temporary.  Where a traditional scalp micropigmentation treatment lasts many years, a Tricopigmentation treatment lasts little more than two years.  The shorter duration of the treatment is due to a difference in ink type and depth of implantation.  As the treatment gradually and naturally fades, the body safely washes away the pigment.

The reason Tricopigmentation is an option for some clients to consider is primarily due to uncertainty about the look.  For some clients, the permanency of SMP is worrisome since they cannot predict how they will feel about it over the long term.  Tricopigmentation gives the client an opportunity to “test-drive” an SMP treatment without a long-term commitment.  While the treatment lasts, there remains no maintenance or upkeep so clients not only are able to experience the look, they can also experience how their lives resume normalcy with SMP.

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What can Temporary Tricopigmentation do for you?

Not all hair loss varieties are permanent.  For example, alopecia can develop without warning and last months to only a few years, with many clients noticing their hair returning at some point.  Some forms of hair loss are reversible and treatable when they are due to a hormonal event, a medical experience or stress.  When the source is addressed, the hair may return.  This then makes a full SMP treatment unnecessary for such clients.  It is common for individuals preparing for chemotherapy to have a permanent makeup brow treatment, an eyelash enhancement and scalp micropigmentation.  Since hair eventually returns for the most part after chemotherapy, tricopigmentation makes sense for these clients. 

A Tricopigmentation is a temporary treatment to get clients from one point to another, without any compromise to their scalp or to the meticulous art that goes into it.

Tricopigmentation clients who are younger will recognize that their hair loss pattern will change over time.  Opting for a longer term SMP treatment locks them in for many years, when, perhaps the client may want some adjustment to their hairline sooner than 5 to 6 years to be more in keeping with one’s age.  Additionally, if hair loss begins localized and remains so for some time, a client may wish to address only the affected areas and wait to see how, or even if, hair loss progresses.  Tricopigmentation is an ideal option in such a circumstance.

Yet other clients simply do not want to commit to anything long term and are comfortable with repeated Tricopigmentation treatments.  Naturally this will be more costly; however, for some clients, their comfort level is more important than cost.  Not everyone is good at commitment.

Why get Temporary Tricopigmentation?

Some clients, sadly, may arrive having had a poor SMP experience.  The upside of SMP is that it can safely be removed by laser tattoo removal; however, this as well comes with a price tag and can be uncomfortable.  While these clients may still want an SMP treatment, they may be hesitant and afraid to repeat an unsatisfactory experience.  The scalp micropigmentation industry works tirelessly to ensure only highly competent artists are performing treatments and as the field gains traction and popularity, artists who are not performing good work are slowly being forced to improve or be forced out of the industry.  Of course, this is of little comfort to clients who placed their trust in someone who was not well prepared to perform treatments. 

We understand this hesitancy and support clients in all decisions.  A tattoo, no matter where on the body it is and no matter the reason for it, is a big decision and comfort level if of primary concern to all responsible artists.

In a traditional SMP treatment, artists use pigments that are specially formulated and compounded to last several years.  In addition, these pigments are placed in the scalp, the thickest skin on the body, slightly deeper than with Tricopigmentation. 

Tricopigmentation pigments are formulated to be a combination of organic and inorganic compounds.  Inorganic pigments are intended to fade faster as they contain no carbon—in fact many permanent makeup artists choose this type of pigment for the same reason—to avoid locking clients in to a single shape or treatment for any longer than a couple of years.  It is the compounding difference of the ink that separates Tricopigmentation from SMP, in part.  However, in addition to using a different ink formulation, the artist places the pigment in the upper layers of the dermis, enabling sun, regular exposure, and daily tending to gently fade the treatment over 18 to 24 months.

Regardless of the treatment selected by the client, the finished look is exactly the same—precise, meticulous hair follicles placed all over the scalp or in localized areas.  Every follicle on the scalp can produce up to 3 hairs, and so artists replicate the randomness of the appearance of hair follicles to look 100 percent authentic.  There is nothing random about an artist’s work.  While it may sound like a contradiction, in the micropigmentation world, the more random or natural the treatment is intended to look when complete, the more intensely the artist must work as only a perfect illusion is acceptable.  

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