Cover scarring With SMP

FUT & FUE Scarring Both Covered

Only those who live with scalp scarring will truly understand how emotionally crushing this can be. They can be caused by burns or medical interventions. Sometimes by alopecia and often by previous hair transplants after strips of healthy hair are surgically removed to be grafted onto donor sites. Scalp micropigmentation is the leading household name for the reconstruction of the visual effects of scar tissue and the damage it leaves in its wake.

To conceal a scar with scalp micropigmentation, tiny amounts of pigment are implanted into the damaged tissue to even out the linear aspect of the scarring. Using extreme precision and a blend of different natural pigment shades, the scar will, after a number of SMP sessions, begin to harmonize with the natural tones of the surrounding and undamaged scalp surface. The results of this contemporary procedure for scarring is truly remarkable. Once treatment is completed, the scar becomes nothing short of invisible to the naked eye.

scar camouflage with scalp micropigmentation in manchster
scar camouflage in manchester with scalp micropigmentation

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