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If you search the internet for hair tattoo images, some of them are terrifying and could put anyone off. But here are Advanced SMP we offer two hair loss solutions, similar to tattooing, that guarantee realistic results.

Our hair tattoo is better known as scalp micropigmentation. This is an innovative treatment that restores your hairline and give you the appearance of a full head of hair. Microdots of specialised pigment are deposited into the scalp to replicate the look of each individual hair follicle. Unlike a hair transplant, a hair tattoo in non-surgical and non-invasive, meaning little to know down time is required after your treatment.

There are many differences to tradition body tattooing and scalp micropigmentation hair tattooing making them completely different. With our hair tattoo there will be no colour change of the pigment, no blurring and no blowouts. If you’re interested in receiving this innovative treatment, then contact us today at out studio in Manchester.

We also offer another hair tattoo treatment that gives you the same look as scalp micropigmentation but doesn’t last quite as long. Tricopigmentation is also sometimes referred to as a hair tattoo, but due to using a different pigment and not depositing the pigment as deep into the skin, Tricopigmentation is classed as a temporary treatment.

Book in for a free consultation today. If you’re unsure of which treatment you’d prefer, we can discuss your options further during the consultation and decide on the best options for you, together.

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