SMP & Alopecia

What Is Alopecia?

Alopecia is the generic term for hair loss. It comes in many different forms and can affect both men and women alike. The most common form, androgenic or androgenetic alopecia is more commonly known as pattern baldness. However, other types of this debilitating disorder are Areata, which is patch baldness, often associated with stress and auto-immune conditions, Totalis and Universalis which are a total loss and also traction alopecia caused by over-styling. Scalp Micropigmentation is a hand-in-glove solution for any of the alopecia conditions.

When alopecia hits it is simply crushing. Scalp micropigmention is an avant-garde treatment that conceals the damage that it leaves behind. It can work on patients both with hair, implanting natural pigments, section-by-section, and also on a shaved scalp. The beauty of this originative procedure is it is holistic and non-invasive by nature, meaning any prescribed medication being used to promote hair growth will continue to work, post-treatment.

microdots of pigment been implanted into the scalp manchester
alopecia cover up smp in manchester

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