Cost for Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment – How is it Calculated?


If you take a global look at hair loss solutions, scalp micropigmentation is one of those which comes under the banner of affordable. But the cost for scalp micropigmentation. How exactly is it calculated?

How Cost for SMP is Calculated

Evaluations of Hair Loss

One of the biggest defining factors when it comes to scalp micropigmentation cost is the actual extent of hair loss. Your technician will calculate the cost of SMP treatment using the standard hair loss classification system. This is called the Norwood Scale for men or Ludwig for women. These scales determine the degree of loss and costs will be constructed thereafter. The scales are known throughout the world and are charts depicting hair loss with the use of visible illustrations.

SMP Treatment Required

Not all treatments are targeted at standard pattern baldness. Treatment for scar concealments or diffuse thinning will be different from the aforementioned owing to skill and time-levels involved. Work in these instances can be extremely intense and your technician will need to work in short stints whilst taking breaks owing to the intensity of work involved. To summarize, the treatment type you require will have a considerable impact on the cost of SMP.

NB : Any changes either before, during or after SMP is administered can alter the cost of your scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Size and Condition of the SMP Work Zone

Each patient we treat at Advanced SMP has a different type of skin and also a different canvas size (or scalp for use of a better word). Our genetics are no two alike. Some of us have denser skin physiology than others. Some skin is dry, some oily. Certain have scar tissue that’s damaged, some less so. There are also skin tones and hues to be taken into consideration. Once these factors are evaluated, the cost structure can be established.

Experience of a Technician and Skill-Set

Scalp micropigmentation is an industry where regulations are slightly lacking. Couple this fact with “you get what you pay for” and you are left with nothing but choices over how you proceed. It’s clear you can find a much better deal overseas. It’s also known that you can find SMP from underqualified technicians. Given you are embarking on a life-changing and visible treatment, our advice is to go to a fully trained practitioner who values the career path they’ve chosen. Training and experience cost immense amounts of energy and money. This means invariably a properly administered and durable treatment will cost more in the short-term, however, your results come with a cast-iron guarantee for professionalism and a sincerely diminished risk of disastrous results.

Falling over to the dark side of scalp micropigmentation and finding yourself with a treatment that is badly administered can cost nothing short of a small fortune to rectify. Getting it right in the first instance is certainly the key to affordability in the long-term.

If you’d like to discuss treatments or you are looking for more details on the cost for scalp micropigmentation treatments, you can reach out to us right here.

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