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Maya Khan - SMP & Tricopigmentation Specialist

Lead Technician Maya Khan is one of the few technicians worldwide to have received specialist training in both permanent scalp micropigmentation and temporary tricopigmentation techniques. This broad understanding and expertise in micropigmentation not only ensures that all clients, whether men, women, alopecia sufferers or those with scalp scarring, have access to the procedure type that best suits their individual requirements, but also means that the very best results are achievable.

Maya trained with the globally recognised Goldeneye Micropigmentation training school, learning advanced tricopigmentation techniques for all types of hair loss. This foundation was then built upon with private one-on-one training with one of the most respected permanent SMP training academies in Europe, and masterclass training with industry legends Paul Clark and Simon Lane from the UK, and Jonathan Gerow and Erik Roberto from New York City. Now Maya is one of the most well respected scalp micropigmentation artists in the Manchester area. 

Advanced SMP are Team Micro Certified, fully insured and licenced. Advanced SMP use only industry-leading equipment, consumables and pigments to ensure the best results are consistently delivered for each client.

Action shot of maya performing smp in manchester
maya smp manchester

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